Legal Subscriptions. The ideal solution for your business?

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If you’re in business, it’s likely that you could find yourself forking out for legal bills when you’re least expecting them. You might need help with getting your employment practices right and keeping them that way or alternatively, supplier or sales contracts that need reviewing or drafting on a regular basis. If so, a legal subscription for your business can make it affordable for you to get the right legal advice whenever you need it. That’s the key – whenever you need it. No need to shop around for quotes or researching the best lawyers for the job. The best bit – our packages are Netflix style ‘all you can eat’ packages – so you can make use of our services whenever you like.

We are right there on hand, for a fixed monthly fee to help you with whatever you need. We’re also doing away with charging by the hour, to give you more certainty on the cost of good quality, affordable legal help.

What could a legal subscription include?

There are a lot of things a legal subscription could include, but you might not necessarily need it all. Our subscription packages are tailored specifically to your needs, so our first step is always to learn more about your business and how it works before we plan ahead.

The good news is that our subscriptions include any of the areas of law we cover. You can check out the full list of areas here: Chat with one of our team to learn more.

Document Review

All of our subscription clients ask us to review their legal contracts on a regular basis. It’s a big part of what we do. Our legal team can help review all types of legal agreements and contracts, for example, employee contracts right through to more complex investor agreements.

Contract Negotiation

As part of a subscription plan, we’re always happy working with third parties, often lawyers on the other side of a transaction to negotiate the terms of an agreement.  Whether it’s a contract drafted by us or the lawyers on the other side, it’s important that the contract is fair and balanced. Some of the core things to consider here include;

  • What are the parties working to achieve?
  • Is the agreement clear?
  • Are your rights clearly reflected in the agreement?
  • Is the agreement fair and balanced, to reduce the length of time the negotiation will take?
  • Will there by other things to consider i.e., if the businesses operate globally or data protection?

Advice whenever you need it

Most of our customers choose us because they know we’ll be there when they need us, allowing them to get on with running their business. Ask us any legal question and we’ll find the answer. Better still, we use Slack and Teams to ‘chat’ with our clients on a regular basis.

Drafting new agreements

There will be a range of issues that require drafting of contracts and letters. Whether that’s a letter to chase an unpaid debt or the drafting of a funding agreement, we can help you avoid any issues in the future. We’ll make sure all your agreements are structured and drafted for success.

Reviewing your business/growth plans

Not all of the work a lawyer will do will be focused on helping you to navigate the daily legal issues and problems you might face. If your business is growing or scaling or if you have ambitious plans to, it’s always a good idea to talk your ideas and plans through with us. Our job is focused on supporting the growth of your business, as well as ensuring you are in compliance with the minefield of laws and regulations you might not have originally considered (or be aware of!). We like to think of ourselves as your external in-house legal team, supporting your every move as you flourish.

Fixed fee

Our fixed fees start from £500 per month and will vary depending on your needs, but once we’re agreed on a monthly fee – that’s it, you’re ready to go. We carry out regular reviews of all our subscriptions with our clients on a regular basis and we’re always happy to chat through your options. Our only focus is to work closely with you to ensure you get what you need from us.


The most important part of our subscriptions are the relationships we build. We take (and have!) the time to get to know you and your business – that’s important to us and we know that’s important to you. A team of friendly and approachable lawyers, ready to help take your business to the next level – that’s our goal!

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